I am Patrick Lentz…a photographer and artist located in Boston, MA.  After studying
fine art and illustration at the Art Institute in Boston, I began working for a high-end
wedding photographer in the Beacon Hill area where I managed his studio for 10
years.  At that point my childhood passion for photography matured.  In 2003, I opened
up my own photography studio in the Puffers Building in Boston where I began to
photograph portraits of all sorts for several years.

My current studio is located at 50 Terminal St., Building 2, Suite 719, Charlestown,
MA.  I photograph in a wide variety of genres including portraiture, street photography,
fine art photography, and specialize in artistic nudes. I am also the league
photographer for both the
Beantown Softball League and Boston's FLAG Flag
Football league.  

My clients tell me I'm very easy going and comfortable to work with.  My studio shoots
take place in a very relaxed atmosphere where the subject and I just chat through the
entire shoot while I'm taking pictures and instructing them how to pose.  This allows the
subject to feel less self-conscious and the results are more natural looking shots.

I love what I do.  It allows me to get to know and creatively collaborate with a wide
variety of people, in which some have become close friends.  I love and appreciate  all
of my friends and models who are always willing to volunteer their free time to work
with me on many of my special projects.

If you would like to see more of my photographs that are not on this website, I have an
extremely large collection of my personal and professional work posted on my
account which has over 7 million views.  I am also a administrator and project manager
of one of flickr's most esteemed photography groups

I have several self-published photography books

If you have an interest in setting up a photo shoot, just call or
email me with any
questions you may have.

News:  I recently self-published my new coffee table book
Our Lady of Lawns:  the virgin known as Mary.  
In the summer and fall of 2012, I spent 5 months walking around different cities on the
North Shore of Boston, as well as parts of Boston itself, hunting down and
photographing lawn statues of the Virgin Mary.  The book contains a large collection of
shrines created by home owners.  
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